The hall is fully equipped for martial arts, the floor is covered with tatami (hard impacts are finally over), all kinds of boxing bags, wall laps, training tools to improve speed, agility and strength, simply everything is to be found here. The hall is freely available for members with long-term combined permanent pass who can use it during the times when there are not held any training lessons under the guidance of coaches.



It is a combat sport in which the kicks, taken from traditional martial arts (eg. Karate), and boxing punches are used to defeat an opponent. Kickboxing is a sport in which fighters stand and therefore it is not allowed to continue the fight when one of the rivals finds themselves on the ground.


It is a kind of martial arts formed in Korea after World War II. Combat Hapkido techniques are based on the use of levers on the joints, pressure points, falling techniques, kicks and punches. Hapkido focuses not only on circular and passive movement but especially on the opponent control. Leg technique and firm position of the body for proper performance of leverage techniques is of an upmost importance in Hapkido.

Meaning of Hapkido

HAP - means collectively (harmony of body and soul)
KI - life, physical energy
DO - path, life´s journey, learning


The training lessons, pioneered by Antonín Procházka, are based on self-defense techniques for the general public of all ages. It is a mixture of techniques from different kinds of martial arts. You will get familiar with techniques against attackers without weapons while advanced students will learn how to protect themselves against the attackers with different kinds of weapons. During the lesson training, standing position techniques are practiced but the main emphasis is put on the leverage, defensive and ground (grappling) techniques. These trainings are suitable not only for MMA learners but also for learners interested in sports career in this martial art because they can practice and thoroughly study grappling techniques during their training. Training will also focus on the proper neural imprint of defensive techniques and proper behavior in crisis situations. Renowned trainers of professional wrestlers from friendly sports clubs will also be invited to training sessions and thus iniciate interested people into the mysteries of different kinds of martial arts (Judo, Aikido, MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai) in their seminars.


I must point out that you will not be thrown into a cage where you will have to wrestle until one of you loses consciousness because this is FREE STYLE martial arts. It is a mixture of Korean martial arts, especially taekwondo, hapkido and kickbox, led by Milan Daniel. It is a blend of martial arts that focuses on hand skills of boxing combined with feet skills of Taekwondo, Hapkido and kick boxing as well as grappling, ground fighting and military self-defense techniques.


K-1 is a kind of stand-up martial arts or wrestling while standing rather than on the ground. It is very similar to Kick-boxing or Low-kick with a few minor differences. K-1 takes advantage of clinches, knees and other body parts and the training is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.
Not only one type of physical load, such as the strength, is practised in these training sessions but the whole body is trained all around. You can examine and improve your physical condition, technique, strength, endurance, etc ... You canexpect a lot of hard work, sweat but also fun during our training sessions :-) We are looking forward to you indeed!


Mon-Fri: 6.00 am - 10.00 pm

Sat-Sun: 8.00 am - 10.00 pm


Fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling CZK 100.00
Fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
to 3:00 pm (departure until 4:00 pm)
CZK 90.00
Avalon Cross CZK 170.00
#Crossna CZK 150.00
Get up CZK 100.00
Student (with valid ID) CZK 80.00
child (under 10 years) CZK 60.00

fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
ANNUAL PASS FOR HIRE CZK 650.00 per month
fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling