The area of 1500 square meters and more than 80 DELUXE Line workout exercise machines – that´s a fitness center which is constantly trying to meet the highest standard of equipment. We monitor trends and fulfill customer needs therefore anyone can join us and workout here.

Fitness center is divided into sections:

- Weight Room with dumbbells weighing from 1kg up to the heaviest dumbbells as well as an adjustable and flat benches, rubber weight mats, straight bars, curved EZ bars and Olympic weights.

- Near the dumbbell area there are workout machines, designed for all body parts, which can increase the weight by an easy adjustment if necessary. There is also a multipress, leg-press, bench press and many others.

- Furthermore, there are also many workout machines with weight panel, two pulleys for the maximum customer convenience and workout machines with high quality biomechanics.

- Next, there is an entire section just for practicing abdomen and lower back.

- A place to warm up and 3D fitness training (wall bars, mats, TRX, medicimbal, steppers and many other tools.)

- Cardio zone with eight treadmills, three Cross trainers and two special Cross trainers which are, together with two rowing machines, the most gentle for the joints.

LED television and good music will make your workout stay very pleasant.

"Trainers on duty", available at your hand in the gym, are always very happy to help you and answer any of your questions as well as give you a guiding assistance during your exercise.


Mon-Fri: 6.00 am - 10.00 pm

Sat-Sun: 8.00 am - 10.00 pm


Fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling CZK 100.00
Fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
to 3:00 pm (departure until 4:00 pm)
CZK 90.00
Avalon Cross CZK 170.00
#Crossna CZK 150.00
Get up CZK 100.00
Student (with valid ID) CZK 80.00
child (under 10 years) CZK 60.00

fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling
ANNUAL PASS FOR HIRE CZK 650.00 per month
fitness, boxing, aerobic, cycling